Hernán Hernández

Hernán Hernández was born in the city of Medellin in 1968. An art lover in all his manifestations, and passionate about cosmology, he found in the universe and the phenomena that develops in it, an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

“Our imagination takes us without limits through the vastness and beauty of the universe, to places and times in which we have not been, to bring from there fantastic inspiration”

In the 1990s he studied painting at the Instituto Bellas Artes de Medellin, and in 2000 he traveled to Mexico, where he did for several years modeling and sculpting practices in workshops in Mexico City; on his return to Medellin he continued to practice in workshops of local sculptors, and then, in 2016, he traveled to Pietrasanta – Italy, to perform marble carving practices.

That same year he also broke into other sculptural techniques such as embossing and lost wax.

An artistic vision of the Cosmos

There is a constant dialogue between the observation of the Universe and human artistic manifestations, a solemn ritual in which after recognizing the existence of a reality that far surpasses us, it seeks to humanize it, make it perceptible, although in that process it is necessarily disfigured.

This is how from the vast vastness of space-time that surrounds us, with its misunderstood phenomena and cataclysms on a colossal scale, a new perspective of observation is born, an artistic vision of the Cosmos.

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