El Castillo Museum

El Castillo Museum

It is a museum in the Colombian city of Medellin; it offers permanent exhibitions of objects in porcelain and glass, stained glass, gobelinos, antiques, paintings, sculptures, among others. Wikipedia
Direction: Cl. 9 South #32-269, Medellin, Antioquia Closing time hours: 17:00 Phone: (4) 26609000


Medellin, El Castillo Museum, Art Room and Torreones Hall. From 5 to 29 September 2019.

Exhibition of 23 sculptures in bronze, stainless steel, and marble, in addition to two large format installations in stainless steel and aluminum. The works seek to capture what is still unexplainable, takes the viewer to those cosmological phenomena of which we have very little understanding. Black holes, space-time curvature and multiverses become present.

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